What is zchunk? 
A description of how zchunk works and some background on why it was created
Introducing zchunk 
A file format designed for easy deltas while maintaining good compression
Changes ahead 
This school year will be our family's last in Lebanon
Flock 2017 
The highlights of Flock 2017: Atomic Host, Modularity and some thoughts on deltas for repodata
Summer work 
Some plans for my summer vacation in Washington State
Odds and ends 
A collection of short notes about FOSDEM, OpenWRT, LizardFS and history
From NFS to LizardFS 
We're switching from NFS on ZFS to LizardFS for better performance
Flock 2016 
Interesting take-aways from Flock 2016
This year our students managed to get the server's internet speed and break into a teacher's account in LESSON