Changes ahead

Lebanon Evangelical School

I’ve been working at the Lebanon Evangelical School for over fifteen years, and it has been an amazing experience. During that time we’ve switched to Linux on both servers and desktops, setup an open-source infrastructure that’s both powerful and user-friendly, and created an IT curriculum that pushes our students well beyond the local standards.

More importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to invest in students’ lives and watch them grow. One of the students I taught in the early 2000s is now teaching my daughter! Our school really is “lighting the fires that burn for eternity.”

Having said all that, the time has come for a change, and this school year will be our family’s last in Lebanon. I will be spending this school year simplifying and documenting our system to make sure that the school is in good shape for my departure, while also working to train up those under me.

Next summer, we will be leaving Lebanon, but our next step is still up in the air. Ireland and the US are the obvious choices, but we’d definitely be open to opportunities elsewhere. For now, our focus is on making sure we finish the school year strong.


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