Zchunk update 
Zchunk has been available for almost eight months, and its 1.0 release is almost ready
How (not) to pack smart 
A straightforward guide on how to use a desktop computer to pack your fragile goods, bringing excitement to the lives of airport security.
Flock 2018 
I had the privilege of attending Flock 2018 in Dresden. Here's a post on the things that I learned there.
Building a Fedora module 
A quick guide on how to build a Fedora module. I built my first module, and it was relatively painless
What is zchunk? 
A description of how zchunk works and some background on why it was created
Introducing zchunk 
A file format designed for easy deltas while maintaining good compression
Changes ahead 
This school year will be our family's last in Lebanon
Flock 2017 
The highlights of Flock 2017: Atomic Host, Modularity and some thoughts on deltas for repodata
Summer work 
Some plans for my summer vacation in Washington State