Switching to OSTree 
Why we're switching from CentOS 6 to an OSTree distribution
No comment 
Due to spam, comments have been removed from this blog
An update 
An overdue update on zchunk and life in Ireland
Zchunk update 
Zchunk has been available for almost eight months, and its 1.0 release is almost ready
How (not) to pack smart 
A straightforward guide on how to use a desktop computer to pack your fragile goods, bringing excitement to the lives of airport security.
Flock 2018 
I had the privilege of attending Flock 2018 in Dresden. Here's a post on the things that I learned there.
Building a Fedora module 
A quick guide on how to build a Fedora module. I built my first module, and it was relatively painless
What is zchunk? 
A description of how zchunk works and some background on why it was created
Introducing zchunk 
A file format designed for easy deltas while maintaining good compression