Thank you, HP 
HP honors a US warranty in Lebanon
Eoin Kelly Dieter 
At 12:30PM on June 5, 2012, Eoin Kelly Dieter was born
Novacom for Fedora 
Novacom is a utility that allows you to connect to a WebOS device via it's USB cable and is now packaged in Fedora
GlusterFS Madness 
Lessons learned from an attempt to switch from DRBD+btrfs to GlusterFS
A more efficient Presto 
I've pushed yum-presto-0.7.0 to Rawhide, which fixes most of the small complaints that have built up
Event Report: InstallQuest 2011 
We had a blast at the InstallQuest last Friday! Roughly 20 people showed up, most of them students from LES Loueizeh and LES Tyre
InstallQuest 2011 
The idea of the InstallQuest is to mix installing Linux on participant's computers with short lessons on how to use their new desktops
My family and I will be going on a six-month sabbatical from Lebanon
Slipping over the edge 
A close call with a filesystem that was completely unreadable - and not backed up