DevConf 2014 
Looking forward to attending DevConf 2014 in Brno
Multiseat in Fedora 19 
Walking through the process of setting up multiseat systems in Fedora 19
Eulogy for yum-presto 
Yum-presto has been retired and its functionality has been merged directly into yum
Thank you, HP 
HP honors a US warranty in Lebanon
Eoin Kelly Dieter 
At 12:30PM on June 5, 2012, Eoin Kelly Dieter was born
Novacom for Fedora 
Novacom is a utility that allows you to connect to a WebOS device via it's USB cable and is now packaged in Fedora
GlusterFS Madness 
Lessons learned from an attempt to switch from DRBD+btrfs to GlusterFS