Fedora Lebanon 
A mailing list and chat room for Fedora Lebanon
The Humble Indie Bundle 
A bunch of independent video game developers have put together a fundraiser for the EFF and Childsplay
Robot Tag 
Our robot club had robots playing "Robot Tag" on the stage during our school's 150th anniversary celebrations
Deltarpm problems (Part II) 
Further discussion of deltarpm's limitations when it comes to changing compression algorithms and pre-compressed files
Deltarpm problems (Part I) 
How the use of file "colors" fixes multi-arch installable RPMS, while reducing the delta savings on binaries in /usr/bin
On binary delta algorithms 
A detailed description of the Courgette algorithm and how it compares to the bsdiff algorithm
I hate NFS 
I describe the problems we ran into when setting up our NFS servers
PXE and gPXE 
A short walkthrough on setting up gPXE chainloading
Tyre Computers 
Installing LESSON in a new school